Reflection on Learning in the Course

At the beginning of this module, I had two objectives to achieve for myself as a communicator – to be confident and be better in articulating in self-expressions. Fortunately, there were improvements I saw in myself although it was not very obvious to others. Doing the group project task was one of the aspects in this course that had contributed most to my improvements. The project task involved a lot of research and group meetings to discuss content ideas and creativity, especially for the 3-minute instructional video. I learnt from our group research that communication comes in different forms and it can impact the way we think and say to others. If we are not thoughtful of our actions and what we say, it could potentially affect our relationship with others.

Through this long journey of learning through the group project and through teachings done during lessons, it has made me understood the purpose and objective learning about Interpersonal and Work Communication skills. By learning about ourselves and learning to have better communication with others, understanding different personalities and non-verbal cues, and the importance of emotional intelligence helps in developing our interpersonal skills. Also, these such skills are not born, they are learnt. And through learning, it helps us to be equipped with such skills to better improve ourselves as a person to our own self and to others in any situations.

Overall, my key takeaways in this module that I find is important is to be self-aware, to be open-minded, to be situationally aware and be respectful to others. This is because to be a person with better interpersonal and communication skills, we need to be aware of our own emotional intelligence, personality, mindset, and perspective before we can be a good interpersonal communicator. And by keeping these factors, I will keep them in mind as my go-to handbook in my life.

We-do-not-learn-from.jpg (650×313)


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